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Thinking outside the square

and getting back to basics in a world of mass production

We’re 2 creative people with limited time and a passion for online shopping, however we struggle to find original designed t-shirts online. Everything is mass produced, pop culture themed and unoriginal, and we aren’t interested in wearing the same tired old re-hashed designs as everyone else.

So we looked outside the square and found a thriving community of artists and designers that were on our wavelength. We did the math, found a


great supplier and opened up the lines of communication with the creative community, and the response has been great! At present we have a line-up of brilliant creatives on-board, and we’ll be ready for a second round of intakes very soon.

If you’re a talented artist or designer that’s interested in becoming part of the t-shirty community, please contact us.

Featured Artists

Showcasing the best we can find from around the globe, we aim to provide an opportunity for artists from all walks of life to have their work be worn… by you!

Original artwork

There’s plenty of websites where you can get second-rate knock-offs of someone else’s intellectual property. This is not us. Here you will only find original art, pure and simple.

Quality not quantity

We’ve taken the time to select a range of garments that fit well, look great and stand the test of time. It’s a basic range of white or black, so the artwork looks great, and so do you.

Customer Support

We want you to feel fabulous about your purchase, but mistakes do happen. We aim to reply to email communication same-day, and get any issues resolved asap.

We pay our artists well


We’re understand the value of great art and aren’t interested in ripping talented people off. That’s why we offer our artists royalties of 25% total sales per garment, which is way above the industry average of 8% – 12%.

That way everyone wins. We get to showcase amazing artists, the artists get paid fairly for their creations and you get an amazing t-shirt to wear.


Our artists get a decent chunk of the profits